Gânduri pe note…muzicale(12)

Nu-i nimic mai presus decât iubirea…


Mai presus de orice,
de credinţă, de-avânt,
de-orice dar care biruie firea,
mai presus de minuni,
de puteri, de cununi,
mai presus de orice
     e iubirea!

Prin credinţă răstorni
munţi înalţi şi cetăţi,
şi-ţi arunci peste veacuri privirea.
Dar în cele cereşti
eşti atât cât iubeşti.
Mai presus de orice
     e iubirea!

Dumnezeu e măreţ,
Gem în cale-I furtuni,
se cutremură toată zidirea.
Dar în susurul blând
Îl auzi murmurând:
Mai presus de orice e iubirea!

Pregătiţi-vă stânci
pentru Templul Etern!
Orice piatră îşi are menirea.
Chiar pământu-i primit,
căci Isus l-a sfinţit,
căci a scris pe pământ
     ce-i iubirea!


2 thoughts on “Gânduri pe note…muzicale(12)

  1. I wasn’t abel to translate the words to the song. However it was a beautiful song and touched my heart. The look of Jesus shining forth from the faces of the singers was evident and was so precious to me. Dora were you in the choir? I looked for you but wasn’t sure. I am so pleased to see young folks singing the songs of the gospel and glorifying God. Also to see my brothers and sisters in Christ from another country full of the spirit and love of God such a blessing.

    Much love Tom

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    1. The words would be:”Above all else, the faith, the momentum of any gift that seedpods temper, above and beyond the miracles, the powers, the crowns, above all it’s love!
      Through faith overturn tall mountains and castles,and throw these away centuries looked up.
      But the celestial you’re as long as you love Above all it’s love!
      Get ready rocks for His Forever Temple! Any stone meant. Earth itself is received, because
      Jesus sanctified it, because he’s written on the Earth what is love!”
      The choir (group) is named Hope and Friends. The “Hope” is a romanian national group, and no, I do not sing with them.

      Have a blessed week! 🙂


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